Two Teas Gift Set (Special Gift Offer)
Two Teas Gift Set (Special Gift Offer)
Two Teas Gift Set (Special Gift Offer)

Two Teas Gift Set (Special Gift Offer)

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A Set of Two Exquisite and Finest Himalayan Teas

-  The Tangy Rosehip with Mint


- Kesari Mango Green Tea

An ideal & tasteful gift set containing a Box of Himalayan Whole Leaf Green Leaf Tea with Kesari Mango  AND a Tin of the Tangy Rosehip and Mint Infusion . The history of the teas and the story of their makers are on the Tin and the box.



The Kangra Leaf Green Tea & Kesari Mango is a sweet, fruity tea with all the goodness of true Indian flavour. The Kesari Mango adds a distinct sweet aroma and a vibrant fruity flavour to the rich Kangra tea leaf. This rare fruity treat is especially enjoyable in the summer months as iced tea or as a dessert tea. All ingredients are locally sourced. 

Rich & flavoured Green Leaf Tea, high in anti-oxidants, no caffeine. 


Tangy Rosehip & Mint

Tangy, Minty, Freshness. Rich with the goodness of the Himalayas.

People from Himalayas have for generations enjoyed herbal recipes and fruity, spice-rich effusions of various forms. Be it the Kehwa of Kashmir, the hot fortifying Kaadhoo, from Himachal. One rare flavour out of this bouquet is the Tangy Rosehip Berry Infusion with a Hint of Mint. Rosehip is rapidly establishing its standalone, unique identity amidst a sometimes confusing array of fruity flavours popular today. We invite you to tingle your taste buds with a sip of the tangy Rosehip.

High in Anti oxidants. No Caffeine. Tangy and refreshing. From women self help groups in the Indian Himalayas for your pleasure.